MSI & ASUS Amongst 1st-Wave Global OEMs To Offer Intel Arc A380 & A310-Powered Gaming PCs

ASUS and MSI are set to replace their present pre-built PC lineups with Intel’s Arc A380 and A310 graphics playing cards.
Intel Arc A380 & A310 Graphics Card Powered Gaming PCs From ASUS & MSI On The Way!
In June, we noticed the preliminary launch of the Intel Arc A380 programs within the Chinese markets. Then, in July, we started to see customized GUNNIR Photon GPUs delivery to the DIY PC phase. We are actually witnessing the official world OEM launches via ASUS and MSI.
Both corporations will develop desktop programs, initially geared up with the entry-level Arc A380 and Arc A310 graphics playing cards. As noticed by the Twitter leaker, @momomo_us, MSI is starting to record a system that’s usual with the Intel Alder Lake processors (Intel twelfth Gen Core CPU collection) & GPU choices that vary from Intel’s Arc A380 and Arc A310 graphics playing cards.
Datasheet leak. Image supply: Momomo_USThe new desktop GPUs might be obtainable coinciding with entry-level graphics playing cards just like the GeForce GTX 1650 or the GTX 1030 DDR4 GPU. There are not any reminiscence specs obtainable for the brand new Arc A3 collection playing cards, however it’s well-known that the A380 graphics card will provide 4GB, and it’s speculated that the A310 may also provide the identical. Both graphics playing cards will make the most of the low-end ACM-G11 Alchemist GPU which focuses on effectivity.
ASUS ExperCenter D7 Tower. Image supply: Momomo_USASUS will deliver out two new PCs providing the A380 GPU. The ASUS ROG STRIX GT15 is from the gaming subsidiary of the corporate and might be usual with the GeForce RTX 3080 GPU or the Intel Arc A380 graphics playing cards.
The ExpertCenter D7 Tower PC has not solely the Intel Arc A380 GPU however might be specializing in the enterprise-level PC market because of the low volumes and ease of upkeep. The similar PC is supplied with as much as an RTX 3080 so it’s probably that we’ll get higher-end Arc choices later when they’re obtainable this summer season.

You can see each ASUS programs on the corporate’s web site, however MSI has not but listed its model. From the knowledge we have been in a position to acquire, the MSI PRO DP130 is a part of a particular take care of Intel. There is a leaked datasheet obtainable for the system too.
Intel Arc A-Series Desktop Graphics Card Lineup ‘Rumored’:

Graphics Card VariantGPU VariantGPU DieExecution UnitsShading Units (Cores)Memory CapabilityMemory VelocityMemory BusTGPPriceStatus
Arc A770Xe-HPG 512EU (TBD)Arc ACM-G10512 EUs (TBD)4096 (TBD)16 GB GDDR616 Gbps256-bit225W$349-$399 USOfficially Announced
Arc A770Xe-HPG 512EU (TBD)Arc ACM-G10512 EUs (TBD)4096 (TBD)8 GB GDDR616 Gbps256-bit225W$349-$399 USConfirmed Through Leak
Arc A750Xe-HP3G 448EU (TBD)Arc ACM-G10448 EUs (TBD)3584 (TBD)8 GB GDDR616 Gbps256-bit225W$299-$349 USOfficially Announced
Arc A580Xe-HPG 256EU (TBD)Arc ACM-G10256 EUs (TBD)2048 (TBD)8 GB GDDR616 Gbps128-bit175W$200-$299 USConfirmed Through Leak
Arc A380Xe-HPG 128EU (TBD)Arc ACM-G11128 EUs10246 GB GDDR615.5 Gbps96-bit75W$129-$139 USOfficially Launched
Arc A310Xe-HPG 64 (TBD)Arc ACM-G1164 EUs (TBD)512 (TBD)4 GB GDDR616 Gbps64-bit75W$59-$99 USConfirmed Through Leak

News Sources: ASUS, ROG STRIX, Twitter,

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