Gaming PC mod looks like a Star Wars droid, lowers GPU temps

This gaming PC mod looks like a Star Wars restore droid costume on your graphics card, but it surely’s really a intelligent fan funnel that helps decrease temps. Designed to bridge the hole between a GPU and 140mm PC case followers, its creator says the customized add-on lowers temps by six levels celsius.

Over on Reddit, LucasIsDead exhibits off the 3D printed gaming PC case mod in all its glory. We can’t resolve whether or not it looks like Star Wars droid or a bizarre GPU hoof, however aesthetics apart, it may assist your rig enhance fps and hold issues cool when gameplay will get sizzling.

According to the mod’s creator, utilizing the 3D printed funnel whereas working Forza Horizon 5 brings temps down from 65°C to 59°C, because it helps cool air attain the fanatic’s Asus RTX 3060 graphics card. It’s value noting that the GPU funnel is designed with a Fractal torrent PC case in thoughts, as its format options a PSU on the high to make room for backside consumption followers.

The mod has already obtained a lot of consideration over on Reddit, and we’re not the one ones that assume it looks like a Star Wars restore droid. Giving it a customized sci-fi paint job would add a nice sci-fi aptitude, however you can additionally mount an inside efficiency monitor to it, like the one included inside this Star Trek Tricorder-inspired gaming PC.

Print information for LusasIsDead’s graphics card funnel can be found to obtain totally free over on Printables. This is actually the most effective gaming PC mods on the market when it comes to practicality, so verify it out when you fancy giving this airflow mod a whirl.

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