Waterproof phones – fact or fiction (guide)

Several smartphone makers promote waterproof phones, however what does that actually imply? Well, there are fairly a couple of loopholes in Ingress Protection IP67 and IP68 scores so let’s clarify so that you get a cellphone that meets your wants.

First, an IP 67 or 68 ranking doesn’t imply it’s waterproof. It means water-proof underneath very particular circumstances.

What does an IP67 or IP68 imply?

The Ingress Protection (IP) ranking is an ordinary from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC 60529).

The first digit, 6, means no mud ingress; full safety towards contact (dust-tight). A vacuum have to be utilized – check length of as much as 8 hours primarily based on airflow.

The second digit is water-resistance

IP67, immersion in water as much as 1 meter for half-hour.IP68 have to be a clearly outlined depth/time exceeding 1 meter for 30 minutesIP69K is IP68 plus safety towards close-range excessive stress, high-temperature spray downs.

The Catch 22 is that water is outlined as clear, nonetheless (not flowing), contemporary – not muddy, salt, icy, contaminated, chlorinated or another liquid.

The ACCC is throughout waterproof claims

The ACCC fined Samsung A$14m for false and deceptive statements regarding the water resistance of the S7, S7 Edge, A5 (2017), A7 (2017), S8, S8 Plus and Note 8 Samsung Galaxy phones. There had been greater than 3.1 million of those offered in Australia. Simply put, it represented that you can use these waterproof phones anyplace.

Since then, it and different makers use the time period waterproof as an alternative of waterproof and have fantastic print like, “*Based on check situations for submersion in as much as 1.5 metres of freshwater for as much as half-hour. Please consult with the person handbook for care directions and limitations”.

Those situations usually embrace

Test situations: freshwater, 1.5 m, half-hour, 15-35 °C, 86-106 kPa

You should comply with the rules beneath to keep up the water and mud resistance of yourDevice.

Do not immerse the system in water deeper than 1.5 m for greater than half-hour.Do not expose the system to unclean water or different liquids, comparable to salty water,swimming pool water, soapy water, oil, fragrance, sunscreen, hand cleaner, chemicalproducts comparable to cosmetics or liquids that embrace alcohol.Do not expose the system to water transferring with drive.Do not use the system in locations the place the temperature is larger than the traditional vary or there may be lots of humidity, comparable to in a sauna.Do not drop the system or topic it to a heavy impression

The actuality is that almost all IP67 and IP68 phones can survive a bathroom incident, however should you exceed the restrict by one centimetre or one minute, you might be cactus.

Samsung isn’t alone – Apple was fined €10 million in Italy as a result of, regardless of promoting IP68, water injury was not lined by guarantee.

Most different phones have IP52 or IP54 scores – a joke, actually.

MIL-STD-810G or H could also be nearer to waterproof

MIL-STD-810G or H is a US Military commonplace. ‘G’ is older (2008), and ‘H’ was adopted in 2019. The time period may be a lot abused as there may be a variety of assessments, and a declare could also be on a subset of greater than 30 assessments. A MIL-STD-810H system needs to be extra waterproof so long as the producer states it survives:

504.2 Contamination by Fluids512.5 Immersion521.4 Icing/Freezing Rain524.1 Freeze / Thaw

Phones with IP67 or IP68 scores

The listing is fairly small


IP67: most iPhones from 7-11IP68 – 6m/30m iPhone 12 and 13

Apple advises that swimming or bathing, exposing it to high-pressure jets, and sauna/steam are exclusions. Water injury isn’t lined underneath guarantee.

Samsung (see disclaimer underneath Samsung fantastic print above)

Fold 3 or 4Flip3 or 4A33S22/+/Ultra (or S21 Ultra)20/S21 FEXCover 5/6/ProNote 20

Water injury isn’t lined underneath guarantee.

Google Pixel 6/Pro/6a

Designed to adjust to water safety ranking when every system leaves the manufacturing facility, however the system isn’t waterproof. The equipment usually are not water-proof. Water resistance isn’t a everlasting situation and diminishes or is misplaced over time attributable to regular put on and tear, system restore, disassembly or injury. Dropping your system might end in lack of water resistance. Liquid injury voids the guarantee. See every cellphone’s tech specs.

OPPO Find X3/X5 Pro

Splash, water and mud resistance might lower over time because of regular put on. The IP68 ranking signifies that the product has handed assessments underneath the next situations: (1) immersed in nonetheless, contemporary water with a depth of 1.5 meters; (2) in water for half-hour; (3) in water the place there isn’t a greater than 5°C distinction between the water and product temperatures. All these assessments had been performed in a lab atmosphere. Do not cost a moist cellphone. Do not submerge the cell phone fully underwater or expose it to seawater, chlorinated water or liquids comparable to drinks. Liquid injury isn’t lined underneath guarantee.

Telstra Tough Max 3

This seems to be end-of-life. It claims an IP68 ranking, however no particulars or disclaimers are given.

Cat Phones

Cat phones will be the solely precise waterproof phones in Australia. The casing is sealed with a pressure-sensitive adhesive – considerably more durable and extra sturdy than glues utilized in mass market smartphones – that secures all openings towards liquid or strong ingress. 

A double-layered acoustic mesh protects the speaker and microphone ports to maintain out mud and dangerous particles. The aperture is offset to stop a overseas object’s inadvertently puncturing the mesh. These are IP68 (1.5M/30min), IP69 (High-pressure hose) and MIL-STD-810H drop safety to 1.8m.

Cat S62 ProCat S42 H+Cat B40B26

Cat phones cone the closest to waterproof and rugged use

CyberShack’s view – it’s 2022 – why can we not have really waterproof phones?

Apart from Cat, all the opposite phones are waterproof, and even that definition has holes massive sufficient to drive a truck via!

All you are able to do is purchase a display screen protector and a good drop-resistant case. If you might be round water, retailer the cellphone in a double Zip-lock plastic bag with a couple of ping pong balls or a block of froth, as phones don’t float!





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