Core i5-13400 Exhibits Core i5-12600K-Like Performance For Around $240

Intel’s Raptor Lake non-Okay processors will not be out till 2023. However, Vietnamese retailer Nguyen Cong Computer (by way of momomo_us (opens in new tab)) already has some in inventory, such because the Core i5-13400F and Core i5-13400. The retailer has reviewed the 2 aforementioned 65W chips, and thoughts you; these are retail items, so the outcomes point out the processors’ remaining efficiency.The Core i5-13400 comes with a 10-core, 16-thread configuration with six P-cores and 4 E-cores. The recipe will sound acquainted as a result of it is the identical design as Intel’s last-generation Core i5-12600K Alder Lake half, probably the greatest CPUs. The cause is that a few of Intel’s Raptor Lake chips will use rewarmed Alder Lake C0 or H0 dies. This technique successfully permits Intel to recycle leftover Alder Lake silicon and convey its E-cores all the way down to the most recent Core i5 non-Okay SKUs, which beforehand lacked E-cores again on Alder Lake. The dangerous information is that these processors can have Golden Cove cores as a substitute of the newer Raptor Cove cores. We have not been capable of verify which Raptor Lake non-Okay chips carry the Alder Lake silicon, however by the appears to be like of it, the Core i5-13400 is, in all probability, certainly one of them.The Core i5-13400 additionally retains the identical L2 cache (9.5MB) and L3 cache (20MB) because the Core i5-12600K. In phrases of clock speeds, the Core i5-13400 has a 4.1 GHz P-core base clock and a 3.3 GHz E-core increase clock. Therefore, the Raptor Lake chip flaunts an 11% increased P-core base clock and 18% increased E-core base clock than the Core i5-12600K. Naturally, the Core i5-13400 would not have a better increase clock than the Core i5-12600K because the first is a 65W chip, whereas the latter is a 125W-class half. Nonetheless, the Core i5-13400 has a 4.6 GHz increase clock velocity, which isn’t too shabby for a 65W processor.The Core i5-13400F shares equivalent specs because the Core i5-13400, albeit providing the identical stage of efficiency. The solely distinction is that the Core i5-13400F lacks the built-in Intel UHD Graphics 730 engine. Therefore, the Core i5-13400F comes with a barely cheaper price tag than the Core i5-13400.Intel Core i5-13400F, Core i5 -13400 BenchmarksSwipe to scroll horizontallyProcessorCinebench R23 Multi-CoreCinebench R23 Single-CoreBlender (BMW27)Adobe Premiere (Puget Systems)Adobe Photoshop (Puget Systems)Core i5-13400, Core i5-13400F15,2551,7671551,166870Core i5-12600K17,0601,8661481,193901The Core i5-12600K scored 12% increased than the Core i5-13400 in Cinebench R23’s single-core check and 6% increased within the multi-core check. In addition, the Alder Lake half was 5% quicker than the Raptor Lake chip in Blender with the BMW27 scene. However, the Core i5-12600K’s benefit over the Core i5-13400 wasn’t vital in different real-world workloads. For instance, the Core i5-12600K solely outperformed the Core i5-13400 by 2% in Adobe Premiere. Furthermore, it delivered solely 4% increased efficiency in Adobe Photoshop.Overall, the Core i5-12600K was marginally higher than the Core i5-13400 in lots of benchmarks aside from the single-core check in Cinebench R23, the place the Alder Lake chip posted a 12% distinction. Nevertheless, the Core i5-13400 outcomes had been good, contemplating that it is a 65W processor competing in opposition to a 125W one. Note that the 65W is the Processor Base Power (PBP) worth. Nguyen Cong Computer (opens in new tab) highlighted that the Core i5-13400 pulled as much as 140W however believes that extra optimized firmware will doubtless scale back the facility consumption. For reference, the Core i5-12600K has a 150W Maximum Turbo Power (MTP) ranking.Although Nguyen Cong Computer has listed the Core i5-13400 and Core i5-13400F on its on-line retailer, the retailer did not reveal the pricing. However, {hardware} detective momomo_us (opens in new tab) has discovered each chips at PC Canada. The Core i5-13400 sells for $239.37 (328.99 CAD (opens in new tab)), whereas the Core i5-13400F retails for $212.44 (291.99 CAD (opens in new tab)). Of course, laptop {hardware} is a little more costly in Canada, so the precise value tags for the Core i5-13400 and Core i5-13400F will most likely be decrease within the U.S.

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