Haptic VR balloons are now a thing & they actually work

Haptic VR balloons are now a thing & they actually work

College college students have developed a new type of haptic suggestions for VR gaming utilizing inflatable robotic balloons.

Haptic expertise isn’t new in terms of gaming tech. For a long time, sport controllers have contained vibration-haptic options. Controllers just like the PS5’s DualSense have solely improved on the tech, including new layers of immersion by replicating the texture of falling rain or the tightness of a bowstring.

With VR gaming turning into more and more common with gadgets just like the Quest 3, it was solely a matter of time earlier than haptics could be extra utilized within the virtual-reality gaming area. Now, college college students have developed a new type of VR haptics, with shape-changing inflatable robots.Article continues after advert

Students of the University of Calgary, Canada, and Tohoku Unversity of Sendai, Japan have created “InflatableBots”, inflatable shape-changing robots that may change peak and place to supply a new type of haptics for VR.

Inflatable + robots = higher VR haptics 💥Get able to expertise VR with InflatableBots, a groundbreaking innovation in shape-changing inflatable robots for large-scale encountered-type haptics.This robotic from the University of Calgary offers it a significantly better expertise with… pic.twitter.com/kbim4wub2f— Lukas Ziegler (@lukas_m_ziegler) June 8, 2024

Presented in a video by pupil Ryota Gomi, the “shape-changing” InflatableBots are made up of omnidirectional robots with fan-based inflatable buildings. These buildings can inflate from 15 to 200 inches at a charge of 4 inches per second, to create a number of “touch-points.”Article continues after advert

The summary of the coed’s paper on the InflatableBots explains, “Unlike conventional inflatable form shows, which are motionless and restricted in interplay areas, our method combines cellular robots with fan-based inflatable buildings. This permits secure, scalable, and deployable haptic interactions on a giant scale.”Article continues after advert


Throughout the footage, shared onto X/Twitter by person Lukas Zeigler, college students behind the genius InflatableBots will be seen exhibiting off the brand-new tech. Whether it’s replicating the peak of a staircase, the hit of a drumkit, and even the top of a pack of cute canine, the InflatableBots present a bodily object to the touch, to assist immersion and create a new type of VR haptic tech.

Sadly, you can not choose up these InflatableBots for your self. The mesmerizing new haptic tech was created as a part of a mission, and supporting paper, for ‘The ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.’ However, with VR gaming on the up, there are nonetheless new headsets and advances within the area to come back.Article continues after adRelated:Modder creates lo-fi VR headset utilizing N64 & it actually worksArticle continues after advert


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