I swapped my LG C2 OLED TV for the LG G3, and it’s the best upgrade I’ve ever made

If you’re even a tiny bit rational, the above picture possible appears to be like absurd, proper? Yes, these are certainly two 77-inch LG OLED TVs residing in my front room. And sure, at time of writing, I nonetheless personal each of them – although my battered financial institution stability is relieved to say I’m in the technique of promoting the barely older mannequin that’s not hanging on my wall. How precisely did I get into this absurd AV state of affairs? I’ll get to that.Before I begin crying over my freshly maxed out bank card, let me say this: the LG G3 OLED TV is hands-down the best tv I’ve ever owned. And I’ve owned it for all of 10 days.Previously, I would have informed you the LG C2 OLED was the best show I’ve ever purchased – and it sat atop TechRadar’s checklist of the best TVs just about since its launch. It was a superb set when I purchased it final 12 months, and it’s nonetheless an unimaginable TV now… regardless of the reality I’m about to field it up and ship it to its new proprietor, in all probability by the time you learn this. As we stated in our hands-on LG G3 OLED evaluate, this astonishing TV crushes virtually each current OLED TV that is come earlier than. Thanks to its brightness-boosting Micro Lens Array (MLA) tech, it’s in a position to hit peak HDR brightness throughout a ten% white window of over 1,400 nits in our measurements (of the 65-inch model). The solely different OLED TV we’ve seen attain these ranges of QLED-rivaling brightness to date is the sensible Samsung S95C, which makes use of quantum dot know-how to succeed in its degree of vibrancy. (Though we’re about to check the Panasonic MZ2000, which also needs to be in the identical ballpark.) For context, the LG C2 delivers simply north of 800 nits of brightness. This 12 months’s (nonetheless very good) LG C3 OLED does the identical. That’s a giant distinction from 1,400 nits.On paper, the LG G3 represents the largest single year-on-year brightness enhance over any current OLED TV the South Korean agency has ever produced.But what about the IRL expertise? Well, I’m completely happy to say LG’s claims about its new scorching tech seems to be bang on the cash. At least based mostly on my anecdotal eyeball assessments of being in the extraordinarily privileged place to reside with each the G3 and the C2 over the final week or so. One TV leaves as one other enters, it’s the circle of life. (Image credit score: Future / Disney)Back in the behaviorIf it wasn’t already clear, I have an unhealthy obsession with shopping for high-end TVs at an alarming fee. It’s an precise downside at this level. Over the previous eight years, I’ve owned then bought the following units inside 12-18 months of proudly owning every. Drum roll, please… In 2016, I purchased my first 4K ‘Organic Light-Emitting Diode’ TV, the extremely fashionable 55-inch LG E6 OLED. After two years of loyal service, I determined to upgrade to the LG C8 OLED; a set that served me properly up till late 2019, when I all of a sudden found a cluster of lifeless pixels in the middle of the display. After that, it’s all a little bit of a blur. I keep in mind the Sony A9F OLED fondly – god, that kickstand was beautiful. Then I found annoying ranges of near-black vertical banding after operating some display uniformity assessments on YouTube, and I discovered myself skipping into Philips nation. My subsequent panel was the beautiful Philips 55OLED754 TV, which gave me my first addictive style of the firm’s wall-illuminating Ambilight TV tech. If all of the above makes me sound like a Scottish model of Elon Musk, let me present some context. In 2015, after a household bereavement, I inherited a determine of cash that was (briefly) life-changing. In retrospect, I in all probability ought to have poured these surprising funds into precise grown-up investments. Y’know, like a deposit on an residence. Instead, I selected to start out burning by way of high-end TVs at a ridiculous fee. I’ll totally admit I’ve been irresponsible with the cash I was bequeathed by the one who meant the most to me on this world. Then once more, all of those OLEDs have introduced me real happiness. None extra so than the LG G3. Although I’d clearly commerce each OLED TV I’ve ever owned, and each different bodily possession for that matter, for simply one other hour with my outdated man.The LG G3 on the left is so vibrant, it’s barely blowing out my telephone digital camera. It appears to be like wonderful in actual life. (Image credit score: Future / Marvel Studios)Do the vibrant factor Focusing again on much less heavy issues, whereas doing my prep work for this function, I took 46 comparability photographs of the LG G3 vs the LG C2, which was fairly the problem seeing as I have an 18-month-old husky who saved freaking out when he noticed his reflection in the latter. Thankfully, because of new anti-reflective coating, the G3 isn’t anyplace close to the big mirror the C2 can change into in a sun-filled room. Taking so many images on my iPhone 14 Pro clearly feels like obsessive overkill, but it surely’s been a real pleasure in seeing simply how a lot brighter the G3 is than the older mannequin in just about each viewing situation I’ve thrown at each TVs. While it won’t be tremendous obvious in the varied images dotted throughout this function, in the real-world viewing situations, the LG G3 OLED knocks the stuffing out of the C2 relating to brightness. I primarily pitted the two TVs in opposition to one another by firing up a few of the best PS5 video games, then a barrage of the best Disney Plus motion pictures and exhibits. The G3 was the clear winner 90% of the time.There’s simply an immediately considerable pop with LG’s first MLA display, and all of its billions of tiny convex lenses. During my testing, the G3 outshone my C2 in each division. When you combine the infinite black ranges OLED is traditionally famed for with such LED-aping brightness, the outcomes are astounding. Whether squinting as the solar grazing the rooftops of Cyberpunk 2077’s futuristic skyscrapers or being enthralled by Thanos absurdly vibrant purple conceal in Avengers: Infinity War, freeze body side-by-side comparisons between the two LG units leaves the C2 trying virtually dim by in each face-off. (Image credit score: Future / Disney)The way forward for OLED is right here More latest output, like Star Wars spin-off sequence Ahsoka, Avatar: The Way of Water and Disney’s latest live-action The Little Mermaid adaptation make the LG G3 OLED completely sing. Whether it’s the Jedi outcast’s glistening orange visage or the pristine waters of Ariel’s aquatic kingdom, the firm’s premium 2023 TV is commonly astoundingly vivid. Such is the enhance in distinction because of the aforementioned anti-reflective coating and vastly upped HDR ranges, the perceived real-world brightness enhance is transformative in comparison with LG’s older C2.Don’t get me improper, I’m going to be paying for the privilege of upgrading to a TV that at the moment prices $3,999 / £4,300 (thanks very a lot, rip-off Britain) for a very long time. And in case you’re squinting at these comparability photographs and struggling to inform the distinction as a result of they’re each, at coronary heart, nonetheless sensational OLED televisions, I don’t blame you. My card statements are going to be mega spicy for the foreseeable, little doubt. Yet after such a brief but transformative expertise basking in the blistering glow of the LG G3 OLED, I don’t harbor a single remorse.Well, apart from the large bank card debt.Today’s best LG G3 OLED dealsYou may also like


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